Effortless App Analytics for Limitless Growth

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Oversee Your Appscape With Perfect Vision & Precision

Delivering just a handful of daily alerts, oolo makes sure nothing is missed and no time is wasted.

Automatically review mediation & related data in light of


Group 30190

Smart Platform, Simple Process

  • 1. Integrate

  • 2. Model     

  • 3. Interpret

  • 4. Improve

Group 30229-1 Integration


Pulling traffic, inventory, and performance data, oolo automatically generates a context-aware God Mode view of the operation.

Integration with data sources is fast and painless with API access or S3 buckets.

Group 30237 Data Modeling


oolo's machine learning algorithms train on your historical data to generate a baseline understanding of your business and map its revenue dependencies.

This understanding is used to automatically model expected behavior across millions of individual data points. 

Group 30232-2 Data Interpretation


Comparing live results to the modeled expectations, oolo quickly identifies any anomalous data permutations.

Using its understanding of the business and metrics affected, the system automatically translates mathematical insights into business problems & opportunities with straight-forward follow up.

Group 30228 Continuous Improvement


See and seize opportunities quicker — optimizing setup and maximizing ARPDAU with total data transparency and context-aware alerting.

Issued via Slack/desktop notification, email message, or oolo update, alerts explain the issue's root cause, and estimate the impact dollar terms.

Group 30132



Collecting Data Points Is One Thing, Connecting The Dots Is Another

oolo pulls the story from the statistics to surface actionable insights

Group 30213-3

Stop chasing data,
start solving problems

Automatically finding and unpacking anomalies that meaningfully impact the business oolo frees app teams to focus on optimization and forward-planning.

Group 30214

Streamline workflows,  minimize time-to-resolution

Comparing trends across the portfolio & industry, oolo automatically highlights actionable business problems & opportunities so you can act quickly and confidently.

Enjoy complete data transparency and impartial intelligence

oolo's app analytics delivers instant operational oversight, insight, and control in a way that no human ever could.


Track ongoing tests and optimize with ease

Automatically get alerts when sample sizes mature, results come in, and conclusions should be implemented.


Absolute Clarity Made Absolutely Easy

When problems or opportunities arise, oolo lets you know — and puts you in position to act


Centrally track growth across all networks, cohorts & titles

oolo makes fast sense of emerging UA trends helping to ensure you get the most out of your ad spend and that nothing undermines your growth.


Spot and substantiate issues with speed & ease

oolo monitors your datascape 24/7 — automatically reviewing key metrics across all dimensions for the entire portfolio.

When spend or performance shifts in any unexpected way, oolo sends an alert explaining the issue, it's cause, and business impact. 


Get fine-detail visibility & big-picture perspective

oolo gives you granularity and context to make sure you never again miss an issue or misunderstand its significance.


A shared viewpoint for Monetization, Growth, and Data Science teams.


Data Neutrality, Security & Confidentiality

oolo operates without bias in the service of our customers and our customers alone.

  • Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Top flight identity & access controls

To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.

Catch & patch issues as they happen

with smart monitoring and context-aware impact analysis