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Oversee Your User Acquisition Efforts With Perfect Vision & Precision

Delivering just a handful of daily alerts, oolo makes sure nothing is missed and no time is wasted.

Automatically review performance data in light of


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Smart Platform, Simple Process

  • 1. Connect

  • 2. Expect    

  • 3. Detect

  • 4. Direct

connect Connect


Integrating via MMP/mediation API or S3/GCP bucket, oolo automatically reviews your data — analyzing UA performance across all apps, channels, and campaigns.

  • No SDK integration — simply connect your data sources/platforms and oolo does all the heavy lifting
  • Scalable infrastructure keeps costs low, regardless of your size

Expect Expect


oolo examines new and historical data in view of cross-correlations, seasonality, market trends, and channel changes — simultaneously auditing the data trail at the most grand and granular levels.

This allows oolo to understand normal behavior and accordingly set precise expectations for each and every data permutation.

detect Detect


Scanning your data 24/7, oolo compares real numbers to predicted values, automatically surfacing addressable problems and opportunities.

Leveraging deep data understanding and context-awareness, oolo automatically separates real issues from natural noise and traces each incident to its data point of origin.

Direct Direct


Get real-time business insights in relatable & measurable terms to help optimize setups and maximize ARPDAU at scale.

Alerts are based on a thorough understanding of data relationships and their implications. As such, oolo’s monitoring:

  • Is never tripped-up by partial data issues
  • Includes quantifiable impact estimates
  • Highlights the root data hierarchy and conditions behind the issue

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Absolute Clarity Made Absolutely Easy

When problems or opportunities arise, oolo lets you know — and puts you in position to act


Centrally track growth across all networks, titles, and campaigns

oolo makes fast sense of emerging UA trends cross-correlating metrics to explain data relationships and consequences.

Stay ahead of performance issues to always get the most out of your ad spend and ensure nothing undermines your growth.


Spot & substantiate issues with speed & ease

When spend or performance shifts in any unexpected way, oolo sends an alert explaining the issue, it's cause, and business impact.

In this way, oolo not only catches all points of interest in its deep data dragnet, but contextualizes each issue — translating data developments into clear business directives.


Get fine-detail visibility & big-picture perspective

oolo gives you granularity and context to make sure you never again miss an issue or misunderstand its significance.


Say hello to insights and goodbye to oversights...


Data Neutrality, Security & Confidentiality

oolo operates without bias in the service of our customers and our customers alone.

  • Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Top flight identity & access controls

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