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oolo's App Monitoring Now Includes View of All Instances Running Under Alerted Parameters

Users To Benefit from Streamlined Workflows, Easier Investigations, and Shorter Time-to-Resolution


New York, NY, February 21, 2022 — oolo, provider of anomaly detection and workflow enablement technology for publisher monetization teams, today announced the incorporation of line item / network placement breakdowns for alerts pertaining to MAX or ironSource mediation. This improved visibility accelerates incident investigations and bridges the gap between the detection and correction of issues hindering revenue performance.

According to oolo, when its monitoring system detects an anomaly, an alert is published describing the issue and highlighting the affected inventory permutation. But that just points the user in the right direction as they begin their investigation. The highlighted permutation is made up of many instances — any one or bunch of which might represent the root of the problem.

Now, however, when users look at an incident in oolo, they can see the top network placements running under the alerted parameters. In this way, the culpable instance(s) can be instantly seen and effortlessly surfaced. "The key for the user is the ability to move quickly from the group level to the level of individual instance or instances in identifying the issue's specific point of origin." explains Yuval Brener, CEO and Co-Founder of oolo. 

oolo's expanded incident view not only lists the full subset of instances for each alert, but also adds:

  • The 7-day share of wallet trendline — helping users more quickly spot significant shifts 
  • Source filters — so Waterfall and Bidding placements can be seen separately or together
  • Line item level click-through mediation connection — so users can follow the data trail to its end 

"For our users, this increases the actionability of our alerts," adds Brener. "This new view prevents a lot of tail-chasing — streamlining investigations and sparing users the need to jump in and out of different data collection, management, and operations systems."

To learn more about the company, oolo can be contacted here.

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Media Contact: 

Ilan Mintz
Head of Marketing, oolo


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A first-of-its-kind solution, oolo automatically detects and investigates abnormalities in ad revenue and adjacent data streams — translating statistical anomalies into actionable, easy-to-understand business imperatives.

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