Deep Monitoring for Monetization & UA

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Getting Business Data Is Easy.
Getting Lost In It Is Even Easier.

Mining mountains of data every day, publishers rely on a combination of art and science. It’s far from a perfect system.

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monetization issues come & go without being noticed Vector 33


of revenue potential is lost to preventable problemsVector 33


hours are lost per employee per year to manual data tasksVector 33

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Automated Oversight,
Effortless Insight

Instantly expose & explain issues — from setup to delivery to performance and everywhere in between

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Whenever something interferes with the normal flow of ad revenue — for better or worse — oolo lets you know.
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oolo pinpoints every issue's precise point of origin and measures the business impact across all connected metrics.
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Designed to fit your workflows like a glove — oolo helps you plan and prioritize your daily tasks with purpose & precision — troubleshooting & optimizing all at once.

It's all the information you need, with zero hassle

So you can move fast and maximize impact.

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Eyes on everything

Review 100% of data across all metrics and hierarchies, ensuring nothing of note ever goes unnoticed.


Noiseless review & automated investigation

Trusted & timely alerts that strip away the noise and filter out false-alarms — so you can focus on what really matters.

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Gapless detection & correction

Identify problems and pinpoint their root cause(s) in one fell swoop. Follow up with a clear view of the bottom line impact and actions required.

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With data review and investigations on lock, publishers can focus on optimization and growth

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revenue by 5-14%

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revenue blindspots

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time savings

Every oolo feature is informed by years of industry experience.


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