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oolo's Monitoring Instantly Notifies Publishers When Ad Attempts Receive No Response

Pinpointed Alerting Helps Users Quickly Get to the Bottom of Setup & Tech Issues

New York, NY, March 28, 2022 — oolo, provider of anomaly detection and workflow enablement technology for publisher monetization teams, today added 0 Response alerting to its deep monitoring. Together with the company's other alerting, oolo's 0 Response alerts give complete coverage of the ad delivery chain — identifying and notifying users whenever and wherever a break occurs.

0 Response alerts are served in situations where an ad attempt is recorded but receives no response and results in no recorded impressions. Unlike other alerts of this type, 0 Response exists at the instance / network place level — so users are notified at the problem's earliest expression and pointed to its exact location. This added context and granularity results in shorter investigations and quicker actions — restoring revenue flows almost as soon as they are obstructed.

"oolo's specialization in ad monetization allows us to build the system around the subtle nuances — not just in the data, but in its delivery — that make the biggest difference for publishers" says Yuval Brener, CEO and Co-Founder of oolo. "0 Response alerting is just the latest example of this. As we move forward, we will continue to expand coverage and add richer context to our alerts." 

0 Response alerts are valuable since they are 100% actionable. They are also alerts entirely unique to oolo's deep monitoring solution. When a 0 Response incident occurs, oolo automatically sends an alert to the relevant user.

Once that person clicks through, he/she will find: 

  • A table of all affected line-items — grouped together under their respective apps
  • Indication of the relevant waterfalls
  • Simple format-based filtering
  • Single-click mediation follow through

With 0 Response alerting, app publishers can keep a lid on latency and other pesky tech/setup issues. That adds undeniable value, but for oolo the gold standard is convenience and usability. To that point, oolo's 0 Response alerting tracks the number of attempts per app ad format — so users can easily gauge impact and prioritize their tasks accordingly.

As Brener explains, "We've designed oolo to fit our users like a glove. Period."

To see how oolo delivers monetization oversight without oversights, product demonstrations can be scheduled here


Media Contact: 

Ilan Mintz
Head of Marketing, oolo


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A first-of-its-kind solution, oolo automatically detects and investigates abnormalities in ad revenue and adjacent data streams — translating statistical anomalies into actionable, easy-to-understand business imperatives.

oolo combines machine learning, exhaustive data relationship mapping, and codified operational know-how to deliver a complete solution for publisher monetization teams. With oolo's deep data monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization tasks are smartly prioritized and surgically executed — eliminating everyday frustrations and inefficiencies.